The Count of Monte Cristo and The Meaning of the Book of Revelation

It is striking how the story of JFK, Jr. shares similarities with The Count of Monte Cristo (assuming my belief about JFK, Jr. still being alive is true).

That being said, it is also not a perfect parallel to JFK, Jr. or my character Artorius J. Kennedy, Jr.

But the classic tale does a brilliant job of exploring complex themes of justice, redemption, and the question of divine judgment. For that reason, it’s helpful to have some familiarity with the plot of The Count of Monte Cristo before jumping into Huios 2030.

Probably the best summary I’ve ever read of the plot is from a blog by a pastor. I will share an excerpt of it here:

In Alexandre Dumas’s novel, The Count of Monte Cristo, Edmund Dantes is about to marry his beautiful beloved Mercedes. On the night before he is to be married, Dantes is falsely accused by one man who wants his woman, and another who wants his job. It so happens that the judge is implicated in the circumstances, in response to which he sentences Dantes to life in prison without trial.

While imprisoned for 14 years, Dantes is befriended and instructed by Abbe Faria. Faria also tells Dantes of a treasure hidden on the isle of Monte Cristo. Faria dies, and Dantes becomes the only prisoner ever to escape from the prison of Château d’If.

Dantes goes to the island of Monte Cristo, finds the treasure, and plots vengeance, astonishingly elaborate in its detail and poetic justice. The justice that Dantes accomplishes is so perfect and so complete and so elaborate that if we do not willingly suspend our disbelief, if we back away from the fictional dream, we begin to question whether this is credible. Could a man pull this off?

An innocent man, falsely accused, taken from his betrothed the night before their wedding, and unjustly imprisoned for 14 long years.

The world needs justice. Who can give perfect justice?

The world needs redemption. Who can give perfect redemption?

Can we have justice and redemption?

Keeping these Count of Monte Cristo themes about perfect justice and perfect redemption in mind, what is the meaning of the Book of Revelation?

The Book of Revelation—its formal name is “The Revelation of Jesus Christ”—is the final book of the Bible. It is considered to be a prophecy that describes the events that take place before the end of the world as well as describing the new redeemed creation that follows after the end of this world.

As the story of Huios 2030 develops, I hope to answer this question about the Book of Revelation. That is the primary quest, vision, mission, and purpose of this website.