Prologue. The Rainy Morning Headline: 'Artorius J. Kennedy, Jr. Returns, The Count of Monte Cristo Rises, and America Triumphs

Gordon was sitting at a cubicle in a skyscraper in Manhattan staring dumbly at his computer screen.

He turned away from the glowing screen and looked down at an old newspaper clipping from 1998. It showed a picture of Artorius J. Kennedy, Jr. standing in a tuxedo and smiling with Corrine at his side. There was a tenseness behind Artorius’s eyes and face in the micro-expressions—a pregnant anticipation of something far off (or perhaps not so far off) that occupied his mind. Artorius was the son of the famous king of the micro-nation Logres, a small island nation off the coast of Northern Ireland. After the king…

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Kevin Ott