Why Does Jesus Always Have Girly Hair In Pictures? (Deep Thoughts for Silly Christians)

Why is it that most Western artist illustrations make Jesus look like a hair model, as if he and Troy Palamalu were doing a Head & Shoulders commercial:

Jesus Long Hair.jpg

Then there's Tom Cruise Jesus:

TC beard.jpg

Then there's the rock star Jesus:

JesusChristSuperstar Ted Neeley.JPG

In all seriousness, Jesus likely did not have light Caucasian skin, movie star blue eyes, and feminine long hair. For one thing, it was forbidden for male Jews to wear long hair, and he was an observant Jew his entire life. He was a Middle Eastern 1st century Hebrew -- not a 21st century American hair model. Ultimately, the Bible never gives a detailed description of Him, which means it's not a dogmatic issue.

All that being said, This is a fantastic article about a balanced Biblical view of Jesus' physical appearance.

Kevin Ott