The Answer to: 'How Could a Good God Allow Suffering?' (Favorite Sermon Notes - Part 3)

Timothy Keller begins his chapter about suffering by recounting an argument from a skeptic of Christianity, as follows:

“I just don’t believe the God of Christianity exists,” said Hillary, an undergrad English major. “God allows terrible suffering in the world. So he might be either all-powerful but not good enough to end evil and suffering, or else he might be all-good but not powerful enough to end evil and suffering. Either way the all-good, all-powerful God of the Bible couldn’t exist.”

“This isn’t a philosophical issue to me,” added Rob, Hillary’s boyfriend. “This is personal. I won’t believe in a God who allows suffering, even if he, she, or it exists. Maybe God exists. Maybe not. But if he does, he can’t be trusted.”*

This argument can be refuted in two ways...

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